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Casting My Vote For Trump!

Casting My Vote For Donald Trump

If you have already judged me and decided that I’m uniformed, a bigot, or hope to see a Hitler type leader elected as president of the United States perhaps you have proven the points that I plan to make as to why I will cast my vote for Donald Trump.

I think we keep missing the chance to elect men who could truly show us a leadership style that would unite our country and improve the American way of life for all citizens because we have an ignorant public. My first vote for the Republican nominee was Ben Carson. He was everything that America should be proud to display about what it means to be an American. We again missed the chance to elect someone who could truly make a difference and it looks as though we will have the choice between Hillary or Donald. We are again choosing between two candidates that will be less than the best America has to offer.

Ben Carson’s rise and fall was a direct result of the media coverage of Ben Carson as a candidate. It is another example to me of how easily influenced people are by the media both on the left and on the right. This brings me to several reasons why I am planning to cast my vote for Donald Trump.

First let me address some labels being placed on Trump.


Trump is a pompous windbag! Yep. I personally get this a lot as well. Let me allow you to look into the mind of a pompous windbag. We pompous windbags say what we think. I have thought a lot about this trait in my own life. I have questioned whether it is a positive trait or a negative trait. I speak my mind and it often gets me in trouble. I speak my mind and it is often not politically correct. I speak my mind and it often creates conflict. However, I speak my mind and it often gets great results. I have learned to accept that I am someone who speaks my mind. Those close to me like this about me and I like this about me. I recognize that most people do not speak their mind and I don’t fault them for this, but I would much rather have a President that speaks his mind than a president that says one thing and does another.

Why do I do it? I speak my mind because it is who I am like it or not. The pompous windbag in us simply says, “I don’t care what you think about me.” I watch Donald Trump and he says what he thinks. Yes. He is playing some politics, but he is not being handled like a lot of politicians. You may not agree with what he thinks, but he says what a lot of people think. I don’t like a lot of what Trump thinks, but here is what I know about Trump. He is who he says he is and he does what he says he will do. If you don’t like it then don’t vote for him, but pay attention to what he says not the interpretation of what the media says that he said. I know that currently it is not popular in a lot of social circles to say that I’m voting for Donald Trump, but I don’t care. I don’t make decisions based on whether it wins me friends or not. I’m voting for Donald because at this point, I believe he is the best chance to be Hillary and there is no doubt in my mind that I don’t want Hillary as our new president.

Now understand this about a pompous windbag. Generally when you get to know them they are pretty passionate people. If you are on the wrong end of that passion you will likely have negative things to say about that person; however, if you are on the same side you may find that they take great pride in being the best that they can be in whatever they choose to pursue. I think Donald will work hard to be the best President he can be regardless of party.

Yes. Donald is an egomaniac, but here is what I like about that right now. Donald has no loyalty to party and he is going to hire the best people he can in his administration. He is not going to be threatened by someone smarter than him in a particular area. He will hire capable people that I believe will be solid in each area they are asked to oversee.

I had a conversation with a friend that travels all over the world and he said Donald has the arrogance that a lot of foreigners hate about America. I said, “yeah so?”  Yes. I know the stereotypical arrogant American tag that exists throughout the world. I just don’t care. I know that a lot of people think that I am a pompous windbag and I just don’t care. I think that a lot of people think that Trump is a pompous windbag and I don’t think he cares. Call us what you want we are who we are.


Donald Trump voters are uninformed. I’m not sure that I disagree with this statement. There are a bunch of uninformed Americans that are voting for Donald Trump. There are also a lot of uninformed Americans voting for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich. I think one of the weaknesses of our country is that we have become an extremely uninformed people that are heavily influenced by media outlets including our friends on social media. If you show me stupid things that Trump supporters have said or done, I’m sure that I could show you some equally stupid things from supporters of all the candidates running for president: however, the media is not as concerned right now with the stupid things that Hillary supporters are saying. They simply want to smear Trump supporters right now.

I had a friend send me a video of a Donald Trump rally where protesters were standing out front yelling, “We are disappointed in you. We are disappointed in all of you.” The friend was showing me the ignorance of Trump supporters in the clip. Hundreds of supporters walked by the protestors and did not say a word to the protesters that were trying to incite the Trump supporters. One supporter turned to the protesters and said, “Go back to Auschwitz.” and this is supposed to prove that Trump supporters are ignorant?  The protesters response was, “I have that on camera!” The protesters were there to incite Trump supporters and one of them bit and said something that doesn’t fit the left wing narrative. The video has now gone viral to provide more evidence that Trump supporters are ignorant. Oh, I get it, you can’t call Bernie a communist, but you it’s OK to compare Trump to Hitler?

Media Influence:

Step back and watch what happens when accusations that are completely unfounded are thrown around in the media.

Donald trump is like Hitler! Wow! Can you show me any evidence that Donald has conducted any of his businesses in a way that would warrant accusations of a Hitler comparison? Look at how this theme has spread. People on both the left and right are throwing out accusations of Trump being like Hitler. Please understand that Hitler was one of the most vile humans to ever walk on this earth. Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler diminishes the vile disgrace that was the Hitler regime. Don’t be so ignorant as to buy into a comparison that has no historical basis.

Donald is a racist and a bigot! The only African American in the race stepped down and endorsed Donald Trump. I don’t disagree that Donald has said a few things that could be construed as bigoted. He is a sound bite master and he has been able to fund his campaign through the media. He has played them like a fiddle. If Donald is a racist or a bigot, I want to hear from the employees that he has not treated fairly, I want to hear from the executives that were not given an opportunity because of their race. Outside sound bites where Donald has said some politically incorrect things show me where Donald is a racist.

On a side note: I served an LDS mission for two years in South Africa during a time that would be considered South Africa’s civil rights movement. I was able to witness the ugly nature of racism during that time period. What the media calls racism in America does not come close to what was happening in South Africa in the early 90s. There is racism in America, but America is not a racist country and Donald is not a racist. If I am wrong show me more than a sound bite.

I could go on about the titles that have been placed on Donald by the media, both on the left and on the right. I used to think that the media had great influence over the minds of those on the left, but I’m starting to recognize that they have great influence on both left and right. Be careful that you are not buying into the media influence. Watching the media converge on Donald Trump has only pushed me to his corner. He scares the crap out of the media and elite of the Republican Party.

A message to my conservative friends, be careful that you are not buying in to the media smear campaign. If you don’t like Trump on the issues, I get it, but if you are buying into the racist and/or Hitler smear campaign you are helping Hillary get the message out.

Donald as a person:

I don’t think highly of Donald Trump as a role model for my kids. I would have loved to have Ben Carson be our representative because I think Ben was a great role model, but I’m sure Ben has some skeletons in the closet as well. The truth for me is that I’m not voting for a role model for my kids. I don’t think that there is a role model in the group left running for president on either side. However, if I’m the owner of an NBA basketball team, I’m going to pick the best player in the draft not the best role model for kids. I’m not voting for a role model for my kids. I choose those very carefully and I don’t choose them from the ranks of politicians. I’m voting for the guy that I think would do the best job for our country.

Republicans and Donald Trump:

I think the Republican Party is making a major error in this election. The voter turnout on the Republican side is blowing the Democratic Party away. Donald Trump is the reason for high turnout. Please look at the demographic that Donald has attracted to the party. It is guys like my dad. I grew up in a home with a dad that was a Democrat. He was a steel worker. He was a union guy and I grew up in Utah County debating with kids and teachers about being a Democrat. When I started to study the issues and look at my own ideas about government and politics it became apparent that I aligned with the Republican Party and for years now I have told my dad that he is a Republican. He doesn’t like that I say that, but I can tell you that my dad has not felt like the Democratic Party has represented his values for over 12 years. It is blue-collar democrats like my dad that are gravitating to Donald Trump.  I have no idea who my dad is voting for, but he is the demographic gravitating to the Republican Party because of Donald Trump. Donald may not be blue collar, but he is speaking to blue-collar issues. These blue collar workers are guys that value republican values like hard work, self-reliance, and religious freedom. When Donald talks about China cheating on trade and stealing our jobs, it speaks to guys like my dad who saw a lot of our blue-collar jobs head to China the past 20 years. If the Republican Party wants to keep this currently independent (past democrats) group in the party they will embrace them rather than reject them. It could mean huge blowouts in many elections to come if we can help them see that that things that they value are the same things that the Republican Party values.

Donald on the Issues:

I’m getting frustrating by a lot of my conservative friends that are buying into the media craze over Donald. I’ve heard he has no specifics just a lot of platitudes. Yep and he is leading in the primary and likely to win the nomination. Perhaps this comes back to the ignorance issue. We elected a guy 8 years ago that gave us nothing, but hope and change. He gave no specifics on policies. He said what he needed to say to get elected. I could run down the issues and show you how he is conservative on issue after issue, but the bottom line for me is who would he appoint in his administration. I listen to Ted Cruz say I give specifics about what I plan to cut in the budget. Yep and you also lost every vote from every agency that those cuts will impact. Republicans have to learn from the Democrats, you can and should win elections on platitudes.

I think that Donald is a master businessman. Yes I know about this company and that company that failed etc etc, but the same conservatives bashing on Trumps business failures are the same people that have at some point in life posted stats on the number of failures that Lincoln had before he was elected president of the United States and point to how we can learn from our failures. Now don’t get me wrong here. I am not comparing Trump to Lincoln. I’m simply pointing out that failure is a part of every persons experience. A guy like Donald Trump has his name on so many things that expecting that every one of those ventures is going to succeed is a ridiculous expectation. How many of the ventures on Shark Tank end up being a huge success? Many of them fail, so are the sharks poor businessmen? I researched information on Donald’s bankruptcies and he has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy 4 times with four different ventures. If you don’t understand the difference between chapter 11 and chapter 7 bankruptcy, please research the difference because one allows a business to restructure debts and renegotiate contracts and one is solvency. Donald has not filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you are voting for Cruz or Kasich for the Republican nominee, I respect your choice, but if you are campaigning against Trump I would encourage you to evaluate the campaign by the media to destroy the Republican front runner and potentially the Republican Party if we go to a brokered convention and end up with the Republican establishment appointing their guy as the nominee. Stand for something don’t stand against something. If the party goes to the convention with Trump having the most delegates then he should be the Republican nominee. If not I’m all in for a 3rd party and conservatives that are saying if Trump is the nominee, I would support a 3rd party candidate, you are handing the election to Hillary and yes I realize that I would be doing the same if I supported a 3rd party, but at that point I think the Republican Party deserves to be destroyed when they put forward a pledge that none of them will run as a third party no matter the nominee. Convenient that they wanted people to make that pledge when they did not think Trump would win. I’m in for Trump! Go Donald!